Empowering SMBs & supporting a sustainable future.


Empowering SMBs & supporting a sustainable future.

When Brand Strategy & Technology come together

Meet the Founders

Headshot of Adrian Villalobos, cofounder of KiteComs.
Adrian Villalobos
Brand Strategist & Project Manager

Adrian has a broad background that includes translation, web development and design, but his true love lies with brand strategy. When he’s not busy explaining the difference between brand strategy, branding and brand, he can be found managing client projects or writing songs on his guitar.

Trivia: although he resides in Irving, TX, he has lived in France and Bolivia for many years, and is fluent in French and Spanish.


Headshot of Fabian Villalobos, cofounder of KiteComs.
Fabian Villalobos
Founder & Software Engineer

Fabian has a background in software engineering and is passionate about managing complex projects with several moving parts. When he’s not reading jargon-heavy, technical documentation that could put anyone (but him) to sleep in less than five seconds, he can be found building websites or watching advanced React or Javascript tutorials.

Trivia: He lives in Madrid (for now), but loves coming to Dallas to train tech support team members while eating BBQ.

At KiteComs we go beyond building beautiful websites and marketing campaigns.

We help you refine your vision, capture the essence of your brand, and uncover your business potential.


Our Story

Our journey began when we started building websites for friends and family. Very quickly, we realized that a utilitarian website was not enough to generate growth. Not even close!

We discovered SEO, paid ads, and the whole world of digital marketing. We managed to create some growth, but the businesses we were trying to help didn’t seem to be able to fulfill their potential.

We then discovered design and branding. Probably the most underestimated tools in a business’ arsenal! Although they had a major impact on the businesses we were trying to help, it was still not enough… something was missing…

That’s when we discovered the last component to our formula —brand strategy. Soon after putting it into practice, we started witnessing its power and became fascinated with the way it would help businesses create meaningful relationships with customers and drive long-term, sustainable growth.

This discovery also showed us that, like us before, many SMB owners did not have a brand strategy in place. Some were unaware of its importance, some were under the impression that brand strategy is relevant only for large businesses and corporations, and others simply lacked the resources and knowledge to effectively leverage brand strategy.

This is why, in 2022, we created KiteComs with the following objectives:

  • To help small and medium-sized businesses uncover their potential by implementing brand strategy as a core business component.
  • To help SMBs build an online presence and a marketing plan based on brand strategy.
  • To help SMBs deploy and leverage web technology in an efficient manner.
  • To support the mission of those who are moving the world towards a more sustainable, fair, and humane future. (Read more about this below!)

At KiteComs, we’re passionate about helping SMBs succeed. We are here to guide you through the branding, design, and digital marketing process, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Let’s work together to take your business to new heights!

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Our Mission

We want to help small and medium-sized businesses fulfill their potential, because we believe they make up the fabric of a healthy society by allowing communities to thrive. Thus, our mission is:

Our Values

These are the core tenets that guide our actions at every level, from personal all the way to long-term corporate strategy.

Our Principles

We believe these principles foster fruitful collaboration within the company and with our clients, and allow us to bring forth our best work.

Get a powerful brand, online presence, and turn leads into profit.