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Our Work

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International Trading
Logo of Arriba S.R.L, a commodities trading company and KiteComs client.

Arriba S.R.L.

From dated and local, to modern and international —a South American trading company's story.

Arriba S.R.L is a South American trading company who specializes in sourcing and exporting raw materials, like minerals, ores, grains and coffee, in bulk. The owners had two goals —getting rid of a clunky brand, and opening up to new markets beyond...
Jewelry Store
Logo of Rue Marengo, an online jewelry store and KiteComs client.

Rue Marengo

From an entrepreneur's idea, to a beautiful brand and a fully equipped e-commerce website.

Rue Marengo co-founders came to us with an amazing product —classic, exquisitely designed, sterling silver jewelry that they wanted to share with the world. The challenge was to create a luxury brand from scratch, and to build an e-commerce website optimized for...