Logo of Arriba S.R.L, a commodities trading company and KiteComs client.
Type of business:
International Trading
Services Provided:
  • Rebranding
  • Logo design
  • Multilingual web development

Arriba S.R.L.

From dated and local, to modern and international —a South American trading company's story.

The Challenge

Arriba S.R.L is a South American trading company who specializes in sourcing and exporting raw materials. The owners had two goals —getting rid of a clunky brand, and opening up to new markets beyond South America.

Gauging the Terrain

After an initial competitor survey and an audit of their brand and online presence, we noticed that poorly designed brands were almost a norm in their industry! As bad as this may sound, it’s actually quite common in some industries, but this makes standing out form the competition and gaining a competitive advantage through design easier and much more effective. We identified several opportunities for improvement. On the branding side of things we looked at redesigning the logo and rethinking the brand’s fonts and color palette to create a more dynamic and modern brand. Regarding their online presence, our recommendations included giving a bigger role to photography, restructuring the website for clarity of information, redesigning its layouts to create a more modern style, making it bilingual, and simplifying the way new products and documentation were added to the site so that their team members could do it without having to rely on a developer.

Bringing a Brand Back to Life

Instead of a complete overhaul of the brand, we opted to keep some core elements of the brand so as not to lose any previously acquired brand equity. We opted for refining the logo, but also altering the color palette and expanding it. We also redesigned the website and gave it an updated look that reflects the company’s dynamic spirit and makes it look more stablished and trustworthy. We also created an English version of the site with the help of an ATA certified translator who could ensure a translation of the highest quality.

In a nutshell, we prepared Arriba S.R.L. for a successful international launch.