KiteCare® plans for WordPress

First-class maintenance, security and on-demand support for your WordPress website. No contracts or cancellation fees —ever!

Get the most comprehensive WordPress maintenance and security plan.

Save time and money, and gain peace of mind knowing that your website is being well-maintained and optimized for success.

Our KiteCare plans are designed to optimize your WordPress website in terms of maintenance, performance and security so that your web assets are always secure and running smoothly. We take a proactive approach to website management to prevent any security, compatibility or performance issues that could result in high and unexpected costs for your business. We ensure that WordPress and all its components are kept up-to-date, take care of regular backups, and deal with troubleshooting issues that may arise.

 At the same time, you gain access to on-demand support and advice for when you need to make changes to your website or need technical help.

Why KiteCare®?

On-Demand Support

Get access to on-demand expert web support and advice whenever you need it.

Speed Optimization

Get faster page loads with lightning fast, managed cloud hosting.

Performance Optimization

We optimize your website for performance and 99% uptime.

Web Security

Gain peace of mind while we protect your customers, your reputation, and your online assets.

Web Maintenance

Focus on growing your business while we maintain and monitor your website.

Broken or Hacked site?

Did you encounter a critical error on your website? Are your changes not reflecting on the live site? Is your website down or was it hacked? We can help!

We take a quick look at your website and provide a quote before we start working.

Get a Performance
& Security Report

Do you want to know where your WordPress site stands in terms of performance and security? We create a comprehensive performance and security report for you so that you know what can be improved and how you can best protect your online assets.

KiteCare Plans

A plan for every budget. Custom solutions available.

Hosting, Performance, Maintenance, Security & Support

at your fingertips.

Hosting & Performance
Maintenance & Security
Suitable for...

* The Essentials Plus supports small business websites and e-commerce sites (10 products or less)

Need help choosing? Need a custom solution?

We’d love to answer any questions you may have, help you choose the right plan for your website, or explore a custom solution.

How it works

Step 1

Let's get in touch!

Got any questions about our KiteCare® Plans? What is covered, what is not? How does support work?

Or even if you want to dig deep into the technical features of our service, like which PHP version do we run or what our servers’ execution limit is? Do you need a custom solution?

We’d love to answer any questions you may have!

Step 2

The Payment Setup

If you think one of our plans will work for you, we’ll help you quickly and easily set up automatic payments.

You can cancel at any time, although we doubt you’ll want to! 🙂 No contract or cancellation fees —ever! We love our freedom and we know you do too!

Step 3

The Service

Onboarding will include the migration of your site to our platform so that you can benefit from our servers’ performance optimization. Then we will clean up and secure your website, and start monitoring it.

You can now lay back and enjoy peace of mind!

Let's get you set up today!