Visual Identity Design

Look professional. Stand out. Become memorable. Gain trust.

We create brands that inspire! 

Great branding not only makes your brand look more polished. It makes your customers perceive your brand as more valuable and trustworthy. Consistency at every client touchpoint will also elevate your brand and make it more memorable. It also communicates your brand’s personality and values, which allows it to resonate with your customers and create a lasting relationship with them.

Logo Design

A good logo is the mark of a professional and polished brand, but what is a good logo? If a tech company (Apple) can choose a fruit as its logo, does it mean anything goes? Not really. It depends.

Logo design is complex and shrouded in misconceptions. Most of the time a logo ends up holding a brand back instead of being it’s golden banner. But rest reassured, we have the expertise to navigate the logo minefield and craft the perfect logo for your brand.

Hands designing a logo, with sheets of paper showing different variations and iterations of that same logo laid spread on the desk.
Photo showing four color and pattern variations of a packaging design for a soap product.

Visual Identity

A fleshed out visual identity increases brand recognition and client acquisition.

From business cards to packaging, there’s nothing we love more than making a brand look established, professional and valuable by creating a consistent brand experience for its clients. Uniformity at every client touchpoint will elevate your brand and make it memorable.

Naming & Messaging

Language defines a brand as much as aesthetics. We can help you uncover an authentic voice for your brand, articulate your brand’s promise and positioning.

On social media, on the streets, on your website —draw the right people in with the right words.

A brand guide booklet with all it's pages laid on a white background.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines create brand consistency. This will allow your brand to gain equity and become one of your greatest assets because consistency equals trustworthiness and value.

We protect your brand from design inconsistencies, misuse and deterioration by creating guidelines that will help anyone inside your organization with the correct use of brand assets (logo, typefaces, icons, colors, images, etc.)

How it works

Step 1

Let's get in touch!

We would love to answer any questions you may have and get a brief overview of your current pain points and goals to see if we’re a good fit to help you.

Step 2

The Proposal

If we’re a good fit, we’ll create a proposal outlining our process, the project milestones, the timeline, and pricing. Upon approval, we move on to Step 3.

Step 3

The Work

We roll up our sleeves and get to work. Depending on the project, this phase may include creating deliverables, meetings with you, revisions, etc. This is the phase where we conduct research, create, revise and build.

Step 4

The Rollout

Finally, we deploy your new assets, evaluate their impact and ensure goals have been achieved. At last we can cheer over a glass of champagne while you tell your friends all the good things about working with us.

Get a powerful brand, online presence, and turn leads into profit.